When it comes to making a great sauce, REAL food REALLY matters!

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It all started with a heart attack...

When diabetes caused my husband to have a heart attack at 38, I knew I had to change the way I cooked for him immediately. Before he even got home from the hospital I was already reorganizing the way I shopped. And from Day One of his coming home, I started cooking completely from scratch in order to control the ingredients and rid our meals of processed sugars and high amounts of sodium. I left the sugar and the salt in the cabinet and set about designing recipes that weren't just good for him, but tasted AmazeBalls too!

I developed diabetic friendly Marinara & BBQ sauces using fresh, natural ingredients. You won't find a single grain of sugar or salt in any of my sauces, nor will you find yucky chemical sweeteners. Some of those chemicals don't belong in a landfill, much less the human body.

About six months later, my Best friend dared me to turn this new way of cooking into something. So I did what any loving wife would do when given a dare. I woke my husband up at 2:45am and told him I was taking a huge chunk out of our savings and starting a sauce company! It didn't occur to me at the time that waking a man out out of a dead-sleep to inform him that I'm depleting our life's savings could cause another heart attack. Guess I'm lucky he had such a great surgeon earlier in the year. LOL!

After Josh's initial shock he was able to see the value in offering people quick healthy meals with our own unique take on Heart Healthy & Diabetic Friendly dinner sauces. But little did he know that was just the tipping point. I've also created some ZERO sugar & salt spice blends to spice up a variety of dishes. 

I pride myself on cooking the best meals with the best ingredients. And nowadays I'm really hard on food - just ask my husband! Much to his chagrin sometimes, I inspect every ingredient before hand-cutting it to go into one of my sauces. If I see even a single blemish on a tomato, onion, clove of garlic, leaf of basil, or otherwise, it's trashed. I would never dare to serve something I wasn't willing to eat myself. 

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You won't find anything like us in the grocery store.

Most sauce companies try to appeal to the masses which means you usually have to "doctor" it when cooking to bring out the flavor. Well, we aren't trying to appeal to the masses. We're here to please the palettes craving rich & robust flavor that livens up every dish! In short, our mission is to give you a sauce that you never need to doctor.

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